Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Discussion Question 1

In this novel, Great Expectations, things are often not what they seem. Discuss how "expectations" play a role in the book. For instance, how are expectations illustrated by and through the various major characters in this book.

How are Pip's expectations different and similar from those of:
Miss Havisham

Pick a few or address 'em all! Whatever blows you skirt up.

Beware possible spoilers in the comments section!


Wendy said...

This was a bit of play on words - expectations to me represent what we look forward to. In this book, they refer to Pip's monetary awards. Yet, Dickens shows us it is not all about money. Joe's expectations are to have a relationship with Pip - he is a simple man, he lives a simple life. He is kind and "good" and until the end, his expectations are largely unrecognized. Estella has been "trained" by Miss Havisham to have no expectations of true love - she can only expect to have her heart broken. She becomes cold and uncaring because of this.

Andi said...

Right on, Wendy! You said it much better than I could've.

Michaelann said...

I agree that "expectations" means both what we look forward to and money. As Wendy said Joe is a simple man who only wants a simple life and to make sure that he is nothing like his father (which causes him to tolerate Pip's sister). Miss Havisham has twisted expectations in that she wants to teach Estella to trust in love from no one, but also wants Estella to love her. Pip's expectations change as the book goes on. He initially starts with only money as his though but soon begins to uses his resources, money or connections, to help his friends with their goals and dreams.