Friday, May 9, 2008

May: Other Voices, Other Rooms

Proper discussion questions for May's book, Other Voices, Other Rooms, will begin to appear below this post around May 20th. Feel free to link your reviews via Mr. Linky below or link to any other "Dangerous" titles you review in May.

Have fun!

Feel free to discuss general points of Other Voices, Other Rooms in the comments section of this post, post questions you're interested in getting opinions on, or just talk amongst yourselves.


kristen said...

I've already read OVOR so I substituted A Room of One's Own for this month. I'll probably still participate in some of the question/answers...if I can remember!

Michaelann said...

Finished this last night. I really enjoyed it. Some of the imagery was disturbing. I can't imagine growing up in a situation like that. I would be nice to find out how he turned out with two gardians who were basically children themselves.

Sondie said...

I started off really liking the book. I enjoyed his style, agree with michealann, the imagery was disturbing. The end was disappointing though...once Joel got sick (not sure why) it felt like going down a slide, after climbing to top the ride down goes by so quickly you feel like you missed something.

What the heck happened?

Ann Marie said...

It was an interesting read, not totally sure what I made of it. It did seem to change pretty suddenly once Joel got sick. It just jumped and it took me a moment to realise what had happened.
Finally caught up on my reviews though.

tanabata said...

I agree with Sondie. I thought it started off well, the Southern Gothic atmosphere was great, but it ended up losing me along the way. I feel like I missed the point too. Oh well. I've read In Cold Blood so I thought maybe the next of his to try would be Breakfast at Tiffany's. Has anyone read it?